• White Mountain Virtual Reality Series

    a story about regeneration of ecosystems by Maasai communities

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  • White Mountain: A Call for Climate Adaptation

    In A Call for Climate Adaptation you go on a journey with three Maasai communities that share the challenges and solutions they face while living with a new climate reality of prolonged and frequent droughts.

    White Mountain: Women Empowerment

    In the Women Empowerment experience Faith, a Maasai girl from Southern Kenya, shares her experience with fighting for her own dignity as a woman. You are immersed in her life and hear about her dreams for Maasai women.

    White Mountain: Wildlife

    In the Wildlife experience you learn how wildlife, people and cattle can thrive together and how the success of wildlife preservation is dependent on the collaboration with people and cattle.

    White Mountain: Land Regeneration

    In the land regeneration experience you learn about the methods and the strengths of the Maasai communities that regenerate the Earth they live on. Ultimately this helps them to thrive and survive in times of a changing climate.

    White Mountain: Education

    In the Education experience you learn how education has affected Maasai culture and how this influences the future of Maasai communities in Southern Kenya.

  • White Mountain

    The story behind the film


    Community calls for help

    Droughts are becoming more frequent, cattle is dying in large numbers, the rains are becoming scarce.


    Support where needed

    International experts are supporting and connecting communities, and work with them to restore ecosystems with the ultimate goal to change the weather and keep the top of the Kilimanjaro white.


    Hope for the future

    Together we tell the stories, navigate through the complexities of local development, and create hope for communities to thrive in the long term. Read more in the White Mountain Paper.


    These organisations are the driving forces behind this project.

      Osotua Foundation

    The Osotua Foundation is co-creating a holistic landmanagement approach to restore the savanna into a healthy and safe place for Maasai, cattle and wildlife.

    Friends of the Maasai Foundation

    The Friends of the Maasai Foundation works with a local community in Kajiado County and has a strong focus on community-led ecosystem restoration.

    Heroes & Friends

    Heroes & Friends is a global community engagement platform for people that create change in local communities. With their VR for Impact program they produce these films.


    Thanks to our supporters

    We want to thank the friends of our project for supporting us with your expertise, introductions, promotion and financial support. Special thanks to our photographer Marielle de Valk, the voice-overs and script writers Faith, Nelly, Janice, Nelson and Ezekiel, and our friends from the Blessing Group. We want to thank Frank Heckman for taking a leading role with the Embassy of the Earth and finally the tremendous power and courage of Maasai communities that are highlighted in the film to create positive change.


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